An Alternative Reality

I’m back in the blogosphere, belated but bearing great news: I’ve been published in The Big Issue!

The Big Issue web banner

Given the magazine’s prominence and its emphasis on social issues (including mental health), I couldn’t imagine a better ‘home’ for my article.

It’s an unusual bit of non-fiction – a snapshot of the weeks I spent in a secure psychiatric ward in 2012. Specifically, An Alternative Reality is my ode to the kind-hearted, gutsy characters I met on the other side of those locked doors.

This article is dedicated to one man in particular: Dutch, the most unlikely friend I’ve ever had.

Big Issue article

You can find my article on page 11 of The Big Issue (No 503, 22 Jan – 4 Feb 2016). Get hold of your copy fast – before my mum buys them all!

Big Issue cover


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