…and lived to tell the tale – just!

'Starving in Suburbia' (2014)

Starving in Suburbia (2014)

Emotional, enjoyable and outrageously exhausting, this movie marathon was the closest I’ll ever come to engaging in extreme sports! You can read the full account of my hardcore adventures here.

Exaggerations aside, I was determined to conduct this experiment because I believe (from lived experience and my feminist leanings) that anorexia and bulimia reveal something very troubling about the state of our materialistic, media-saturated culture. And what better measure of the cultural mood than made-for-TV movies?

In the wonderful words of writer/kick-ass lady Roxane Gay:

“…the need for feminism and advocacy also applies to seemingly less serious issues like a Top 40 song or a comedian’s puerile humour. The existence of these lesser artefacts of our popular culture is made possible by the far graver issues we are facing.”


So, if you’ve ever wondered about the connections between eating disorders and popular culture, this article’s for you. And if you haven’t wondered..?

Now’s the very best time to start. Enjoy!

*I can’t end this post without a shout-out to Hayley Gleeson, the Founding Editor of Birdee. She’s an incredible egg, the kind that eggs others on too, and I’m proud to share my work via the positive, powerful platform she has created.


Raccoon Dog Film Reviews

RDTV screenshot

From 2012 to 2014 I was an online contributor to Raccoon Dog TV, an awesome non-profit Australian online media syndicate that promotes the work of innovative and emerging artists in music, film, fashion, photography and more.

As RDTV’s resident film reviewer, I shared my thoughts on everything from Lauren Greenfield’s exposé of material excess in The Queen of Versailles to the sublime sweetness of Her and the consciousness-raising horror/triumph of 12 Years a Slave.

I checked out plenty of less acclaimed movies too, such as the controversial ‘good Disney starlets gone bad’ Spring Breakers and the redundant but fun Total Recall reboot.

You can find all my Raccoon Dog reviews here. Enjoy!

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