Closed for Business

I’ve always enjoyed journalling and creative writing. Unfortunately, when I’m especially down I lose motivation to do anything much at all – including the things that usually bring me the most joy. Just one of many reasons why depression is heinous.

I decided to reflect on how depression made me feel using my own metaphor; one that’s a little fresher than ‘the black dog’. So I whipped out my journal, got scrawling and ended up with this baby: Closed for Business.

Depression, for me, is like a vacancy. An absence of thought and emotion, of concern, ambition and desire.

There’s a ‘Closed’ sign dangling in front of my eyes and no saying how long I’ll be gone.

I feel hollow, like a shopfront in disrepair. There’s grime all over the stoop and nothing but dust on the shelves. No reason for anyone to stop by.

It feels like the place will never be bustling again; that the ‘Closed’ sign will hang in the window forever.

The artwork that accompanied my article.

The artwork that accompanied my article.

The article fell more in the ‘mental health’ rather than ‘feminist’ space, so I conducted a good long Google search for media outlets that would find my musings a good fit. I landed on Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, which focuses on the intersection between art and psychology.

Psychology Tomorrow banner

I was stoked to hear that my piece would be included in the PTM blog. In terms of freelancing, it seemed I was very much open for business!


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